Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woodman's- Stupefied in the Cheese Isle

Yesterday, Craig and I went to Woodman's to fill up Ethel ( our suburban) with E-85. We didn't have much time and thought that we would kill two birds with one stone and do some grocery shopping at the same time- save the trip to Wholefoods and maybe a little $. They have a pretty good organic section. We also needed some cheese for the kids lunch sandwiches.

We found ourselves standing in the middle of the huge cheese isle almost comatosed. Not by the large selection of cheese but by the many packages marked with labels of "Wisconsin Fresh", "Farm Cheese", "Local". But there were no organic cheeses. We were flooded with visions of "The Meatrix" movie in our heads. What were the cows fed? Did they eat GMO corn? Stale junkfood? Were they fed hormones and antibiotics? We thought that we might be safe with a foreign cheese because most countries other than the USA have banned hormones and GMOs. But, the selection was poor.We realized that we were both standing there stupefied and frozen. Since one of the reasons we went there in the first place was to save time we decided to leave- cheese less. We will need to make a visit to Curds and Whey!

Then the thought had occurred to me just how sad and stressful it is to shop at ones local grocery store. And, in today's economy it is almost a luxery to strictly shop at a health food store. When I was a child, eating cold cuts, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce on my lunch sandwich was only as bad as the fat content. Nowadays, there is BHT, BHA, radiation, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO's, artificial colors and flavorings and more! I don't want my children to eat school lunches because they are bad for them. And, it is mind blowing to pack their lunches with safe meals. I need to schedule a ton of time to grow veggies, bake cookies and bread, popcorn treats, etc..

It is a sad statement that we as consumers need to be so on the ball and informed in order to provide our families and ourselves with something so basic as safe, healthy food to eat. And there are so many people that are not even aware of the dangers of food that is going onto their plates.

There is much work to do! And then there is this....

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