Monday, April 5, 2010

The Window Farms Project - Vertical Gardening

Grow your own veggies in your windowsill without soil. The latest vertical gardening that is "growing by leaps and bounds" in New York. 

 I think that this will make an excellent Winter project for Craig and I after the season slows down!

".... The simplest window farm system is a column of upside-down water bottles connected to one another. Plants grow out of holes cut into the sides. An air pump is used to circulate liquid nutrients that trickle down from the top of the column and make their way to the plant roots.

Window farms have been used to grow strawberries, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Riley's favorite is bok choi.

"Buttercrunch lettuce grows great and lots of herbs," Nayak says. "Anything leafy and green, essentially. You can't grow carrots. I mean, you can't grow root vegetables. Potatoes, garlic. Those things don't work."..... source NPR

Go to to find out more about window farms!

Download the PDF of the How To instruction guide here



Kristin said...

This is an amazing concept for people who live in apartments!! I've been excited all week to start my window farm this weekend! I live in a small apartment in Los Angeles with no room to garden! Looking forward to it!

Check out, we seek to inspire others to make small changes to help the environment and save money through inspirational people across the country. Here is a link to one of our videos about a couple who transforms yards into food gardens:

Aerelonian said...

I love this window garden project. Very fun!

The PURE Gardener, Inc. said...

We are fascinated by this concept! We plan on trying it out for ourselves as soon as we can. We probably wont be able to do so until Jan or Feb. If either of you hook one up please post your progress. We would love to hear from you!

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