Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Fairies Have Rooted in at The PURE Gardener!


     I must say that I never expected the response that I have received with my miniature fairy gardens, plants, and supplies. There is something about it that just makes people smile. Grandmothers are bringing their grandchildren into the shop to collaborate on their little creations. One family stopped in to notify us that they were picking up Nana from the airport so that she can help design their fairy garden. She was going to help the young daughter pick out accessories and the brother was going to be the architect. Husbands and wives are choosing miniature topiary trees and lawn furniture to furnish their tiny plots of land. Grown woman ( including myself as you might be able to tell by my transformation in the photo above ) are choosing tea sets and tiny cakes to set their garden tables. 

     I have made several indoor and outdoor fairy gardens and each is unique. They seem to take on a life of their own. They are something that we create that represents a get away. A peaceful place away from everyday life. A fantasy. It is gardening in miniature. A dwarf curry plant turns into a bush. A rosemary topiary becomes a large tree to sit under in your ornate lounge chair and a few snips are an excellent addition to tonight's dinner. Moss is a lush green carpeted floor and is easy to keep alive with a few sprays of water. Fairy vine climbs an ornate arbor and compliments tiny succulents in clay urns. 

What ever the reason these tiny gardens are attracting so much attention doesn't really matter. All that is important is that they bring joy to all that look upon them.


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