Friday, May 29, 2009

Whiskey Barrels Planted for Shade

I planted the two whiskey barrels that are on each side of the entrance to our shop with begonias, ferns, and upright fuchsia. I took these photos today, at the shop, before I went out in the field to plant containers. They were so beautiful that I couldn't resist. These flowering begonias provide a beautiful splash of color amongst the ferns.

I love the way the begonias, ferns, and fuchsia complement each other.

This upright Fuchsia- with its trumpet like flowers- gets about 2 feet high and can withstand the mid summer heat. It blooms non stop and is one of my favorites for shade.

This is an Escargot Begonia. They are popular for their foliage not their flowers.

Look at this fantastic begonia! I just love them!

1 comment:

James Missier said...

What a beautiful collection of begonias growing together, they sure look gorgeous and wonderful.

Full of colours!
Hope they don't invade each other space and kill one another.

Keep up the good work in blog.

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