Friday, May 29, 2009

Every Salad Has a Season

So, you want to grow your own salad? This video is inspiring and informative. Craig and I are growing quite a nice crop of lettuce greens & herbs in our raised beds. I will photograph them over the weekend and post our photos. For now, I am going to enjoy my bagel with fresh greens and herbs that Craig has made for me :-) Then I will be out and about planting more pool side containers for happy summer fun!


b&g girl said...

hi great blog! look forward to seeing 'your greens', i've planted a few myself...can't wait to harvest.

Odette said...

i love salads too! thanks for sharing with me your blog, i will follow it also. i hope to know more about you, so i will have to read your older may take a while though, hahaha.
see ya, soon!

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