Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Plant Onions Repeatedly ALL SEASON LONG! And enjoy fresh green oinons every day!

Fill your bag for $4.99 each

Did you know that you can plant onions all season long? In fact you can continue to plant them until the ground freezes and can no longer be worked. I love onions and plant more of them than any other vegetable and flower combined- all year ( while I can dig! ).

Onions can be stuck any where and every where. they can be squeezed in between all veggies and flowers, stuck into containers, mixed along borders, and in cracks and crevices. Rabbits and deer avoid onions and are known to avoid areas where they are planted. You can pick them when they are young and green and cook them in stir fries or slice them fresh into salads. When you grow them in your garden you do not need to worry about commercial fungicide treatments as are found on store bought onions.

I like to jam them as close as possible to each other and thin them out when they are young and green while my family enjoys them in our meals. I allow some to stay in the ground to grow larger. I continue to plant them non- stop. They are so easy that you can practically just broadcast them into your garden and they will root!

The PURE Gardener will carry onion sets all summer and fall. So, if you are looking for one thing to plant this year to provide healthy food for your family ( besides tomatoes, of course :-0 ), plant some onions! And, plant some today.

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