Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Veggie Oil, WVO, Biodiesel, E85, Electric!?!? The Saga!

A few years back, Craig and I purchased a 1983 Mercedes Benz Diesel that was converted into a veggie fuel car and proudly named her Maizey. She was a great deal of fun and ran like a tank! Her exhaust smelled like corn oil and we just loved her. However, it was hard to fit 5 people and 4 dogs when we went on road trips. We ran her on pure veggie oil and were in the process of securing WVO from a local Chinese restaurant. Then someone plowed into the side of Maizey when my son, Garrison, was driving her. Totaling her but saving Garrison, thank God!

So, back in our old suburban we were. Then, on August 5th, Craig slid off to the side of the road trying to avoid a deer. He totaled the truck but thank God he was alright!So, then we were left with no vehicle!. We have too many people and animals to transport in a small hybrid, electric, veggie car and large diesel's are still way over priced. So we opted for another suburban. However, this is a 2002 flex fuel that runs on E85. We are aware of all of the conflict associated with Bio fuels . We are happy to have purchased a used car. Ethel, as we have affectionately name her, is running well and running clean. There are several E85 gas stations around Geneva and we are willing to go out of our way to fuel up. We are still on the look out for a "green" work truck that is affordable.

Here is a link to an excellent movie,
Freedom Fuels, which takes an in-depth look at renewable fuel sources, such as bio-diesel, ethanol and vegetable oil. It explores the interaction of the petroleum industry and alternative fuels over the last 150 years, and examines the global impact that bio-fuels can have on our future.

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Megan said...

I am so impressed with Maisy! You are inspiring me! Now, if we could get someone to invent the prius with a bed on the back, i would go for that! :) my husband drives a prius and averages about 53 MPG.

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