Sunday, May 4, 2008

We LOVE Father Dom!

Father Dom's Duck Doo

Craig and I met Father Dom several years back. He is a wonderful person who really believes in his product- and so do we! We use Father Dom's Duck Doo in our gardens every year and have excellent results. The product is made by mentally challenged children & adults and is weed seed free and made entirely of recycled duck poop, cranberries, rice hulls, wood shavings, pickles and vanilla beans, Duck's Doo Compost is surprisingly sweet smelling. All profits go to charity. You could say it's "heaven scent"!

Duck's Doo is an award winning soil conditioner that can be used in vegetable and flower gardens, tree and shrub plantings, and lawn seeding and sodding projects. The condition of the soil will determine how much to use.

Father Dom's Duck's Doo Compost is also useful for indoor gardening. It can be used in potting soils for houseplants, or in soil mixes for starting flower and vegetable seeds. Father Dom's Duck's Doo Compost should be mixed with other materials, such as potting soil, perlite and vermiculite, for indoor gardening purposes.

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The PURE Gardener, Inc. said...

Father Dom's Duck Doo Compost is currently on sale at our shop BUY 3 get 1 FREE. At $7.99 each

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