Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rain Barrels on Parade! "The PURE Gardener"

Artist Esther Roby - and a good friend of mine- painted this beautiful rain barrel for The PURE Gardener. Our shop is happily nestled in the tree branches. The fairy is Emily, my daughter. The detail is amazing! There are tea cups, butterflies, lady bugs ( for good luck ) and even a strawberry cake. When Esther and Alain (her husband) brought it to our shop, today, it was covered with a blanket. When Alain removed it, we were speechless. It is absolutely beautiful. I am ready to move in :-) 
Adrian Roby- Esther's son- is working inside The PURE Gardener

She modeled this beautiful fairy after my daughter, Emily.


The sun is peaking through the forest trees catching this fairy by surprise.

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