Saturday, May 22, 2010

Live Beneficial Insects are In!

Live Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis, and RedWorms are in!

REDworms eat and burrow twenty-four hours a day! All of this tunneling aerates the soil (getting oxygen to the roots), allows for easier root growth, and improves water retention. And they speed up the decomposition process in cold composting. Redworms help keep the soil loose. Mother Nature doesn't own a spade! Redworms are sold by the pound, with 1 pound containing approximately 1800-200 worms per pound. They are available  in "Bed-Run", Which means there will be a variety of sizes and life stages in each pound.



These ferocious looking creatures eat a wide variety of insects: beetles, caterpillars, grubs, aphids, grass-hoppers, crickets, and almost anything that moves. They are so much fun that sometimes people buy them for pets. And since they don't fly, they stay right in the area where they are released. Praying Mantids are completely harmless to people, pets, and the environment. Each egg case, about the size of a ping pong ball, contains about 200 eggs which hatch when the weather becomes warm.



A favorite "good bug," ladybugs have been a popular line of beneficial insects at The PURE Gardener. When released at sundown (because they don't fly at night), ladybugs eat aphids, mealy bugs, scale, leaf hoppers, various plant eating worms and other destructive soft bodied pests. And they keep on eating until the bad guys are gone, laying their own eggs in the process. When new pests arrive, fresh ladybugs will be waiting, and, as an alternative to chemicals, these lady bugs will be doing something favorable.

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