Monday, April 19, 2010

Tending to our Tiny Gardens

Tiny Arbor in Whiskey Barrel & Tiny Angel resting under a tree

Tiny planting in a tree trunk & Tiny tea cup garden

Tiny cakes for all of your tea parties 

Tiny green ceramic pots and saucers 

Tiny planted urns

Tiny Twig bench and chair for your wee little ones

Tiny Imogene waving "hello!"

Tiny Imogene 

Tiny tea cup planter with an even tinier tea cup & tiny planted urn

Tiny bunny planter

Tiny Green Man

Tiny chairs, rugs, and moss planters

1 comment:

Zoy said...

I love the garden in the cup! It`s so beautiful. Thanks for the great idea. Gladly follow your blog!

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