Thursday, April 29, 2010

Got Moss? Moss Milkshakes are HERE!

NEW! at The PURE Gardener!
only $19.99 per box!

Will be featured on Martha Stewart Friday 4/30/2010
Click here to see trailer to Friday's show

New Product! - Moss Milkshake™ - Just mix with water (or beer!) – it will stick to most anything, including bare soil, stone, and weathered concrete
Hypnum moss is ground dry and then blended with a proprietary mixture of growth stimulants including powdered buttermilk, along with water retention gel and then packaged in an air-tight half gallon milk carton. Coverage rate is typically 10 square feet or more. Alternatively the mix can be sprinkled about dry and then watered in. Indefinite shelf life.
Makes a really unique gift!

Grow in shady areas where grass refuses to grow!

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