Thursday, November 5, 2009

Garlic & Composting- It's Not Rocket Science!

Craig and I have two compost bins and a handy kitchen composter that we use to collect our kitchen scraps. We just planted our garlic and shallots. We added excellent compost from our bins and now need to cover with straw.
Everything you need for the above projects is available for purchase at The PURE Gardener.


Stephenie Domenico said...

Thank you for posting the garlic video. It's really hard to find any info on growing your own garlic on the web.

I planted some already and I have green shoots. oops. At least I know to mulch them good. I'm going to plant some more too just in case the first batch doesn't come back in the spring. :)

The PURE Gardener, Inc. said...

Hi & you are welcome! When did you plant them and what state do you live in? I like to shoot for an October 15th planting here in Illinois. We planted them around November 1 this year... a tad later than I prefer. It is normal to get green shoots before you go into winter. In fact, it is preferred. Although not everyone mulches we swear by it. Especially in our cold snowy winters.

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