Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Praying Mantids Have Hatched! Praying Mantis

Craig and I had a live bug display at Swedish Days in Geneva, IL. One of our displays was a terrarium with two Praying Mantis cocoons. Today the little babies started squeezing out of
their cocoons! I thought that I would capture their birth on camera before we released them into our garden. They are born with a ferocious appetite and will begin looking for food the moment that they are born. It is important to either provide a food source for them or release them immediately otherwise they will start to eat each other.

Did you know that praying mantis can be kept as pets? they can be trained to eat right our of your hand. They can eat small pieces of hamburger meat or small bugs.

They are so tiny and cute!

You can see themcrawling out of a small slit in the cocoon.

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