Monday, May 25, 2009

Seeds of Suicide

"Seeds of Suicide", by Chad Heeter, is roughly a 13 minute documentary about Farmers from India who are struggling to survive with the new GMO seeds that are suppose to improve crop growth but instead, they are borrowing money and barely able to make ends meet.

One thing that the film neglects to mention is that farmers for years have been able to save their seeds each year to plant next years crops and hand them down from generation to generation. The GMO seeds can not be saved and must be repurchased each year for @4 times the amount of conventional seeds. Not only that but Monsanto has bought out most small seed businesses in India and now the farmer is left with almost no alternative but to purchase GMO seeds. Please watch this video- It may be happening far away but it is closer than you think. Americans are growing and consuming genetically (GMO) corn, soybeans, and sugar beets either directly or through the meat via what the animal was fed. As you read this you may have just consumed or are comsuming one of these products and not even know it.

Watch Seeds of Suicide Video

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