Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Organic Greens are Growing So Nicely!

The Kohlrabi is ready. Does anyone have a favorite recipe that they would like to share? I think that I am going to saute them with potatoes and onions.

2-4 Kohlrabi
5 potatoes
1 onion or 5 green onions
olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

Slice Kohlrabi and potatoes into like size pieces for sauteing in skillet
Slice onions into small pieces
Heat olive oil in pan
Add everything to skillet, stir
Cook until potatoes are soft

Craig and I enjoyed this dish! With a salad on the side it was a complete welcomed meal after our gardening :-)

Lovely Little Broccoli Flowerettes

These lettuces just keep giving & giving!

I pick the outer leaves of this little guy regularly for salads and sandwiches

The Cabbage are forming nice heads and soon we will enjoy fresh homemade coleslaw.
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