Friday, May 22, 2009

From Seed to Plate

Corporate abuse of our food begins with the seeds and in the soil that nurtures all life. The fast food industry demands enormous quantities of cheap, low-nutrition and uniform crops, encouraging the widespread use of toxic pesticides, industrial fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. These practices deplete our environment and threaten both our health and the livelihoods of family farmers.

Patenting Life

Seeds really are building blocks of life. Those who control seeds control life itself. Monsanto, the world’s largest seed corporation, has made farmers everywhere dependent on its seeds and made an example of those who refuse to go along.

Where farmers once cultivated their own seeds, which were strong, nutrient-rich, and diverse, they are now largely reliant on seed varieties owned by transnationals that have been manufactured to bear infertile offspring. In other words, Monsanto and others have found a way to profit by preventing farmers from reusing their seeds. And Monsanto has lashed out at farmers who object to this one-sided policy.


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