Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paul Drown's FRONT/ BACK YARD Gardening in Austin Texas

This is a friend's, Paul Drown, house in Austin Texas and it is a wonderful example of a victory garden! The grass was removed from the front yard near the street and fall/ winter vegetables were planted. There is nothing healthier than eating veggies that were just picked from your own yard- also chemical & salmonella free!

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In the back yard water is collected in rain barrels and more veggies are planted

Yummy fresh, organic greens right on the front yard!

herbs mixed with art

Fresh, organic broccoli !

large rosemary and artichoke plants

1 comment:

Rachel Rose Saunders said...

Before this, I had never thought of doing edibles in my front yard....this makes me VERY excited to move to Texas!

I am actually salivating right now looking at these pictures, mmmmmm.

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