Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some Inside Photos of the Geneva, IL. Christmas Walk 2008

Bedroom Fireplace

Sweet Dreams!

Fresh, wild cut mistletoe above the pillows

White Birch, iron urns, mercury balls, broom pine

Rosemary topiary with red cyclamen

Happy in a bucket

We re-purposed items and gave them new life

paperwhites in an old Chicago Reynolds wrap wooden box

Fresh fruit tied with ribbon to an old French bottle rack

wreathes grace each window in the kitchenette

The owner wanted us to incorporate their family village. So, we tucked them into their basement stairwell using Geneva Bottling Company wooden crates with added greens and pine cones. This created an interesting display with multiple levels instead of the usual one level stretch of houses.

another fireplace shot

Beautiful, all natural, greens arrangement using only the freshest greens, twigs and berries- nothing artificial!

More Photo's to come soon

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