Friday, April 25, 2008

Like Potato Chips, One Can Never be Enough!

Our first rain barrel is full! We added the second rain barrel last night and I have not checked yet to see how full it is. Our plan was to put one at each down spout, but now that I know, firsthand, how a little rain goes a long way, I am thinking that one may not be enough. Once summer is in full swing and water restrictions begin, watering only on even or odd days, my own stock pile of rain will be quite handy. And the flowers and vegetables will love the rain. At this point, assuming that both rain barrels are full- we have @ 125 gallons of rain in stock. I have already watered plants with the first harvest using @ 30 gallons so in all we have harvested @ 155 gallons of free rain. And we have only just begun.

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